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  1. What was your initial reaction to the Whitney identity system after reading the first article?

I absolutely love the identity system they have created. I have always been drawn to minimalism and this could be the spokesman for minimalism. I love how 4 lines together can represent an entire identity.

2. In your own words, describe what responsive design is. What are the pros and cons of applying responsive design…

Responsive design is when a ‘logo’ can be used in any way, shape, or form. It can change shape, yet still hold that meaning of the brand.

3. The new Whitney identity has been criticized as boring and duplicitous due its simplistic, open-ended design. Do you agree or disagree — why? Are boring and simple one in the same?

I don’t think it is ‘lazy’ or ‘too simple’. I think it takes a great designer to know when too much is too much. This logo is enough. Simple and boring are not one in the same. I always imagine the apple logo when thinking of a simple logo. When almost anyone sees that image they immediately think of the iPhone, or another product produced by Apple.


“Mmuseumm is a style of storytelling about the modern world. It is Object Journalism.” The best way I would describe it is a museum of random objects with varying levels of importance. “It is a new type of museum, expanding in a network of expected and unexpected locations, dedicated to exploring modern humanity and current events through revealing objects from around the world.”

If you look at their online exhibition there is writing with each object; saying something about society.

Started in 2012 by Alex Kalman, Joshua Safdie, and Benjamin Safdie.

Location: 4 Cortlandt Alley New York, NY 10013






Abstract Marks

Pictorial Marks

Dynamic Marks

Mascot Characters

3 Logos




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